We visualize you're one and only.

In the midst of a rapidly growing online presence with the Covid-19 environment, the irreplaceable individuality of each person is becoming increasingly difficult to see.

Our AI, which is more considerate to people than humans, makes communication visible and changes the environment to make it easier for each individual to live as he or she is.

We will continue to take on the challenge to create a kind society where everyone can truly believe that "Everyone is different and that's good".

We visualize you’re one and only.

I’m beside you Inc.

I'm beside you is a video analysis AI service that enables online communication tailored to each individual's personality.


Established on June 25, 2020,

applied for 77 international patents

 20 finalist of Creating the New Normal @Slingshot2020

We are the one and only Corona Native Company.

We will keep challenging until the whole society becomes a SCHOOL.



2021.03.11 【Events】

Exhibit at CES2021

2021.01.15 【Events】

Exhibit at CES2021

2021.01.08 【Events】

Exhibit at b8ta in Tokyo

2020.07.29 【Interview】

Attended the IVS (Infinity Ventures Summit)


Message  from the CEO

I was born as the third son of an ordinary rural couple, attended public elementary, middle and high schools and universities, worked for a company and lived an ordinary life as a businessman.

The turning point in my life was when my son, who seemed to be enjoying his life, lost his energy as soon as he entered elementary school.He had to sit in his assigned seat at his assigned time and attend his assigned class with everyone else. My son could not understand why this was so.We have destroyed so much of each person's invaluable personality with our system of efficiency.I just couldn't bring myself to tell my son that I took that system for granted.

The three of us quit a large Japanese company called NTTDATA together and started this company. It was because we had a strong desire to change the way the world works, not by test scores, but by the individuality of each of us.For the sake of our children, we want to change this society into a school where we can learn by respecting each other and recognizing the individuality of each student.We will continue to take on the challenge until society as a whole becomes a school.

Shozo Kamiya

Visualize and deeply understand each person with AI

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Values for our partners and users

Example use cases for online tutoring


Optimal matching
・Reflection with objective data


AI checks all videos daily to ensure the quality of communication


Feel at ease to see digest videos of a child's attitude


Use cases in other industry

Online sales

Online sales does not allow for communication using the five senses in the field. By analyzing the trends of orders received and lost, salespeople can improve their performance by reflecting on their own sales activities objectively. It also eliminates bias from reporting to management.


One-on-One meeting by learning past data from recruitment interviews, etc., and visualizing cases of good communication and best hiring/assignment practices, we enhance the motivation of the members of the organization


Detects signs that mental care should be taken based on changes in each person's facial expression and tone of voice, and follows up at the appropriate time. By learning the expertise of skilled personnel, it supports inexperienced responders and prevents missteps due to assumptions.

Since humans are " creatures" with " emotions" and changing day by day depending on various environments, it may take a little longer for AI to be able to know everything about us completely.

AI analysis is not a magic solution to solve everything.

Nevertheless, by specializing in analyzing the large amount of video data generated by the COVID-19 disaster, we challenge to create good communication that is close enough to each individual. We are constantly working on research and practice to achieve this goal.



Shozo Kamiya
- Kobe University Bachelor of Economics
- Planned, launched SaaS businesses at NTTData

- Engaged in M&A and alliances at NTT Docomo, led investments for startups
- As a Nei-Kid Founder, selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for "Startup" 2017SV, winner of the 2018 Excellence Award

- Co-founding member of TimeLeap Academy, an online entrepreneurship education for elementary, middle and high school students
- CHANGE Mentor, a program to support large companies that challenge themselves
Kotaro Ando
- Kyushu University Faculty of Science, Graduate school of science

- Engaged in the development of services using video and AI, mainly in the media industry at NTTData
- Development of hybrid AI and multimodal AI that combines various types of AI and optimal results. System architect with a deep knowledge of the SaaS business.

- Scrum Product Owner 
Yasuhiro Nose
- Osaka University Graduate School of Information Science and Technology

- Built the AI business for all three Japanese mobile carriers and was responsible for projects such as image and voice recognition in robots
- Senior Architect at NTTDATA.
- A full-stack engineer with the ability to perform a wide range of tasks from front-end to back-end.

- Currently enrolled in Musashino Art University
Minoru Nakahata
- Graduated from Yokohama City Graduate School (Master of Science)

- In 2011, passed patent attorney bar examination, and engaged in both foreign and domestic cases at a patent office. Joined Colopl (a mobile game) in 2013.
- Structured in-house invention and creation to dramatically increase the number of patent applications
- Joined FiNC (Healthcare AI). In charge of intellectual property. In 2017, co-founded DRONE iPLAB. Appointed as a director of Aeronext.

- Established One ip Patent Firm and a venture capital of iPLAB Next Ventures.

- METI, Industrial Structure Council, IP Committee and JPO Committee

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